My Introduction

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog, and it’s first post of 2016! How you made it here, amongst the millions of other blogs circulating around is beyond me. My name’s Kayla, a high school junior who has little to no experience with blogging. When it comes to introductions, there’s always a lot to say. In this post, I’ll address several things. Why I started this blog, what I hope this blog will amount to, and why I’ve chosen the name I did. More personal details about myself will be addressed in another post, hopefully following soon after this one. Without further due, let’s get into it.

A decision like this might seem a bit out of the blue (even now as I write this, I’m still trying to get myself on par with this whole situation), but I think starting a blog might be a good thing for me. As a chronic planner and record keeping type girl, I’ve always wondered about how I was going to record my experiences and thoughts throughout life. Surely my crippled princess diary from third grade wouldn’t be able to handle all my writing, the thing itself barely in tack, so I’ve opted for a more “reliable” source. Now, the internet might seem like the opposite of “reliable”, but I’m holding onto a bit of faith here.

For the last few years, I’ve worried about my future. In regards to that, specifically, my future without any recollection of my past. I’m the type who tries to hold onto bits of memories, even if they are only things as substantial as movie stubs, or handwritten notes from middle school. I place high value on objects like that, objects that hold a memory, even if it wasn’t a big life changing event. If that sounds a little silly to you, I’d like to ask you this. What if you got into an accident tomorrow, and lost all of your memory? Would you, in those last moments of the present, feel any type of regret for not cherishing those small, seemingly unimportant memories? Would you want to relive them again if you could? Share them with your friends? Family? Obviously your answer is probably different from someone else reading this, or me for that matter, but that’s my outlook on things. And this outlook is why I’ve started this blog. A little dramatic, I know, but true. I want to be able to physical record my thoughts and memories, even if they are only to myself. I know I won’t be able to cling onto objects forever, and memory fades, but like the saying goes, “Once it’s online, it’s hard to get rid of.”. If I can at least record things that I would normally attach to physical objects on this blog, I would be more than content. It would also make my mom rather happy, since she wouldn’t have to worry about a buildup of clutter in my room.

Now then, aside from recording memories for myself, I want this blog to be more than that. In the future, whether it be a few weeks, or even a few years from now, I want this blog of mine to help people. Maybe not in a big way, but in a way through writing helpful tips about what to do in certain situations, and eventually about college life and pieces of advice coming out of that experience. This blog will be especially good for girls (and guys) who tend to be introverts, such as me. Don’t worry, we’re in this together.

And finally, we’ve come to the part where I want to briefly discuss the reasoning behind choosing this name for my blog. The Lost Wanderer (2016). This name captures in essence what I believe I am. In terms of the “lost” part of the name, I tend to see myself as a very lost person. I almost never know exactly what to do. I’m always turning to people for answers, to guide me down the right path. In terms of the “wanderer” part of the name, that represents more my dream to wander. I want to travel the world one day, I want to meet new people, experience new things, but, as the “lost” part comes into play, I don’t know how to. It’s a bit tricky, but sometimes I feel as though I want to be someone I’m not, so I’m wandering around life, lost.

Well, I guess I hit all the points I meant to! It was nice to write that all down for once. Until my next post, goodbye and have a great day!